Making Norman's 39th Annual Medieval Fair The Best Yet!

Good day to ye fine visitors of Vanderhouse!

That's Medieval speak for welcome to our latest project.

Every year in April, Norman plays host to the Medieval Fair, one of the largest free outdoor fairs in Oklahoma. We have faithfully attended every year but this year we wanted to try something a little different and actually dress up for the fair.

A few months ago, we began planning and constructing our costumes. Denny researched armor and I searched for a good dress supplier. His costume was a little more involved than mine since he ended up creating all of his armor from scratch (more specifically from cereal boxes!) Many a pleasant winter evening was spent in the company of the hot glue gun, attaching thrift store belts and fitting grommets.

The final results...

Denny's shirt came from Historical Clothing Realm

My dress came from Holy Clothing

All of the hard work paid off when we were finally able to put on our finished costumes and parade around the fair in full Renaissance attire! This is definitely only the beginning of this kind of activity. We already have our sights set on attending another fair in May where we will tweak our costumes even more. For now, this is farewell from Sir Denny the Dashing and Lady Leah of Lorien...

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