The backyard project

We moved into our house in October of 2013. When we first moved in, our backyard looked like this:

Insert fail horn sound

If I was the only one living here, it would still look like that today, but luckily Denny had other ideas and together we began to dream about what our perfect backyard might look like.

Step one was to hide the clutter of our neighbor's yard (and their annoying dog) and the alley behind our house. We began planning for an 8 foot high fence to surround the backyard and really give us a private and enclosed space to enjoy. I was dubious that we'd be able to build such a big structure and have it actually stand up and look nice! With some major help from carpentry whiz and all around handy person, Denny's dad Dennis, we were able to pull it off. So in the spring of 2014, we built a fence.

It took all of the spring to finish, including a weekend of staining the entire thing. Then it was on to the landscaping. Denny, being the beast that he is, hand-tilled and then reseeded the entire yard!

We let it rest through the hot summer months and finally finished up in the fall with a few final touches.

At a last minute end of season sale, we bought several trees and shrubs and began the landscaping project.

Fast forward to this year and the plants are in full bloom! We decided that it was time to tackle another project on the back porch. The previous owners had left a mess of different materials, including brick, concrete and stone, forming a path from our back porch to the driveway.

When Denny planted the grass last summer, he pulled up a flagstone path that had originally lead to our back gate. We decided to recycle those flagstones into a new path, lined with the brick that we pulled up from the existing pathway.

And last but not least for this year was the addition of our backyard lights. I bought these during an Amazon lightning sale over the holidays so we've been hanging onto them for awhile waiting for the perfect spring evening to finally put them up and enjoy them.

Our backyard is an ever changing and evolving place. Plans that we have yet to accomplish include:

  • A new grill
  • Painting the table
  • Planting and landscaping under the big tree and behind the garage
  • Filling containers with the flowers we're growing