Saturday Haul

We don't like a lot of clutter here at the Vanderhouse. Every weekend we load up the trusty Ford Explorer with assorted items from the house that either need to be sold, donated or returned. We head off on our rounds to consignment clothing stores, the Goodwill and whatever other stores we need to return items that we've changed our minds about.

Then we fill it back up! We never know what we're going to find on our Saturday adventures. Some of our favorite places to look for bargains include the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Outreach Thrift, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, garage sales and estate sales, and various mom and pop thrift stores in the metro area. There are some real bargains to be had and we've bought everything from furniture to clothing, all second hand.

This weekend we made the rounds and came home with several good finds.

Before thrifting, we stopped at the Dollar store for some party accessories for our upcoming luau. Then we stopped into Dodson's Health Food which is our favorite local organic/veggie/healthy store. I picked up a box of Gin Gins which is a ginger candy and several Quest bars. Maybe I'll make a separate post about my love of Quest bars someday!

At the Goodwill, Denny bought 4 new shirts for $1.50 each (except one which was half off making it .75). I bought a brand new Lauren Conrad lace dress for $3.99 and a peasant top to use for my next Medieval Fair costume for $2.99.

Denny's new swim shorts are vintage and came from an estate sale just down the street that was full of treasures! We had to leave many behind as we prioritized our purchases. Let's just say I'm still dreaming of a certain typography letterpress kit with tons of old, kitchy stamps that was sadly out of my price range.

But the things we did get were very useful and will no doubt aid in future Vanderhouse projects. We picked up a chainsaw, jigsaw and belt sander for $80 total. These tools will be going to work shortly on the kitchen renovation we're planning. Stay tuned!

Along with the swim shorts, I grabbed a few rolled prints of Audubon's birds. We are currently having an Audubon exhibit at the Sam Noble Museum so I was familiar with his work. It's beautiful! These were a bargain at a $1/each. It will cost more than the print to frame them but it's well worth it.

Hope you enjoyed this Saturday's haul! We'll have haul posts from time to time so you can check out all of the crazy places we go and things we buy. It can be quite the adventure sometimes.